We know you have many choices for a caterer in Toronto, but how many of them can provide you with quality food and service while using the power of their business as a force for good?

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" Every time you spend money you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want "

— Anna Lappe

Hire Paintbox to cater your next corporate event or to produce your next community food festival and you will be doing your part in contributing to disrupting the industry norms that are biased and do not promote inclusion.

We are leveling the playing field by creating opportunity for the often overlooked and marginalized, and your ongoing support helps us continue to do this.

The impact created by hiring  and supporting Paintbox is astounding! You have many options but by choosing Paintbox you are voting with your dollars and directly supporting one of our many initiatives.

You can also feel proud knowing that you are part of the change and that you and your business are taking the necessary steps to improve upon your corporate and social responsibility.

Together we can increase local socio-economic status, moral and employment which can only further strengthen the developing neighborhood of Regent Park and the surrounding priority neighborhoods in Toronto <3




What exactly is your business supporting?  Highlights of our local initiatives that are funded through your support include:


are 2 things that Paintbox does exceptionally well! We produce high quality catering and event experiences and hire and train primarily Regent Park residents to help make the magic happen. This social innovation has earned Paintbox a diverse group of high-valued clients, world-wide attention and accolades.


We partner with local residents that prepare delicious cultural food offerings from around the world under the guidance of the Paintbox culinary team in our production kitchen. Regent Park is made up of residents from many different countries and the community buffets provide an opportunity for the locals to gather, eat and socialize with neighbours. This experience provides culinary skills to the guest chefs and insight on food service in a hospitality setting. Meals are offered at an affordable price and the offerings are healthy with an emphasize on fresh produce.


attract community members of all incomes and backgrounds and feature food items, handmade goods, dinner experiences, musical events and arts-based programming. These events are coordinated with the guidance of an in-house event planner and provide local residents with event management and entrepreneurial experience. These events can include Open Mic Night, Paint Nights, Networking, Financial Literacy Courses, Panel Discussions and Artesian Craft Markets.


We love to host parties and are great at providing quality service. Paintbox hires and trains local residents to work events in various roles that provide valuable job skills and training opportunities such as culinary team members, bartenders, servers and various roles in event production.


for the community of Regent Park have always been a challenge so Paintbox launched a plant-based menu. There were no grocery stores or farmers markets located in the neighbourhood until 2012, which created many issues around food security and access to healthy food. Being the main source of healthy prepared food options in Regent Park introduces new food items to the community on a regular basis and aids in alleviating illness related to lack of access to healthy food.


Paintbox is an active sponsor and supporter of events in the Regent Park community, especially those involving youth. Access to space and funding are 2 main challenges experienced by local residents and when this was identified, the Paintbox team opened its doors and supported various community efforts such as Youth Open Mic Nights, Youth-led activism events and Family Nights focused on grief counselling and healing after local traumatic events.


The Paintbox culinary team works alongside incubator clients that have a food- or beverage-based business idea they would like to develop. Participants are provided with dedicated access to the Paintbox production kitchen in order to test, develop and scale a concept. Successful incubator clients have developed products like gelato, hot sauce, salad dressing, kombucha and cold pressed juices. Once a product is developed it is sold at Paintbox and other retail locations in Toronto.


Best For The World Award 2019

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